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Masonic Etiquette – Part 4

Masonic Etiquette Continues this evening with 3 Ds:

  • Discussion in the Lodge

  • District Deputy Grand Master…and

  • Dress

So Let’s Dig…in! (Sorry…Couldn’t resist!)

Discussion ~ [in the Lodge]. Last stated communication, I mentioned the Worshipful Master’s privilege to quiet sidebar discussions in lodge which may get a little loud, politely and simply by a single rap of the gavel. But, Tonight we’ll talk about uses of discussion in our regular affairs.

There are some Don’ts which we’ll cover first.

  • We all know that sectarian discussion as well as political discussion are not to be discussed in open Lodge. This is to prevent differences of opinion or prejudices from causing strife or argument.

  • Anything pertaining to OUTSIDE, NON-MASONIC subjects, by which Masons might be divided into classes, feuds, schisms, or opposed schools of thought is strictly forbidden.

  • It is also forbidden in Lodge to discuss a petitioner, or to reveal to another Brother how he has voted, or to try to persuade another Brother to vote a certain way. Everyone must be free to vote his own conscience.

  • All uses of personalities, expressions of ill will, acrimony or bitterness have NO place in discussions. Slurs upon the Lodge or its Officers, The Grand Lodge or its Officers, the Fraternity Itself or flippant and discourteous remarks are condemned by common courtesy and Masonic Etiquette.

The Do’s? We can…and do love to…have brotherly fun toward ourselves and others, as an expression of camaraderie and affection for our fellows.

And again…a Brother wishing to speak, must rise, wait until recognized by the Worshipful master, and use the 5 Bs! ( If you don’t remember them from the first lesson…they are – Be Brief Brother Be Brief! Don’t use your time to deliver a speech!

District Deputy Grand Master ~ He is the Personal representative of the Grand Master. When he is visiting our Lodge, formally or not, HE should be accorded all respect, and addressed as such. If an official visit, he should be received in accordance with provisions in our Masonic law. He comes to us charged with performing duties ordered by the Grand Lodge, all of which having been voted on and approved by the Order – including US.

He is to be accorded Grand Honors. His duties and remarks are of supreme importance to the Craft, and as such, any other Lodge affairs are subordinate, and may be added, only with his permission.

The master of the Lodge must, according to the Constitution, submit to the District Deputy, all Lodge Records for his Inspection PRIOR to his visit.

There is a manual for the District Deputy Grand master’s visit, so I will move on…

Dress ~ Remember our heading – Masonic Etiquette…Proper dress in Lodge is an honor to the Lodge – AND a mark of respect to the Craft. Proper etiquette demands that we dress “In Good Taste” when attending Lodge. Wearing proper attire shows respect to the Brotherhood, and expresses the Dignity of Masonry to others. It is also proper that we enter the Lodge Room with Apron properly aligned, and any other regalia or jewels in due order.

Sometimes, improper dress cannot be helped, due to work or other such conflicts, but remember to bring suitable clothing to change into prior to the opening when possible.

Formal wear by Officers is a mark of distinction. The prerogative of doing so falls to the Worshipful master. All Officers will wear it, if requested by the Worshipful master, and the Hat worn by the Master of the Lodge will reflect the formality of dress – no soft hat, straw hat or ball cap.

So there you have it…Discussion, District Deputy and Dress…3 Ds

and a final “D” FOR ME…………..

I am…Dismissed!

Thank You Worshipful Master!

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