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Masonic Etiquette – Part 3

Our 5 Minute Masonic Etiquette Continues this evening – again -Alphabetically ~

We’ve covered many things so far. Important Things, Little things, and some forgotten things. But Our recap list is getting long now, so let’s move on.

Tonight we’ll cover 2 “Bs” and 2 “Cs”

First ~ The:

Bible ~ As we know, The Holy Bible is the inestimable gift from God to Man – and the rule and guide to his faith and practice. Masonic Regulations prescribe that the Bible in the Lodge Room be “Unadorned”.

That doesn’t preclude presentation bibles having Masonic emblems on the Back cover or pages inside. It must be presented to each new member if the Lodge authorizes its presentation, and when presented, a short and dignified message as to its place and significance in Masonry should be given, reminding us all of it’s binding effect upon every Mason.

Next is:

Brother ~ The term Brother, in Freemasonry, is Neither Sentimental NOR Familiar! It is a TITLE as much as is Worshipful, Right Worshipful, or Most Worshipful…and must always be used as such. It is honor, and respect. We address the Craft as the “Brethren”, do we not?

A man does not attend a Lodge Communication as a private individual. He is not just another Juan, Dick or Harry…but is here in his capacity as a Mason.

In Open Lodge 2 things:

  1. We must always remember to address each other by Brother. Sometimes we misplace the name in our minds. It can be Brother David, or Brother Finkelstein, or Brother Kyle if Brother Derl can’t remember Konstantin or Chelnakov! and…

  2. Always refer to officers in the Lodge as such, Like Brother Senior Warden…with the exception of Worshipful Master…and Grand Lodge officers by their correct title – no matter how long or tongue twisting .

Next is:

Chaplain ~ Our BROTHER, the Chaplain…is an Officer in the Lodge, and is seated to the Left and in front of the Worshipful Master. The opening and closing prayers for our Lodge ceremony may be offered by Brother Chaplain while kneeling at the Altar or standing in his station – at the OPTION of the Worshipful Master. He may add appropriate words of his own in non-sectarian language, if he desires.

The Scriptures assigned to Circumambulations ( another “C” for another time ) should be recited as found in the Monitor by the Chaplain while standing at his station.

And last for tonight:

Correspondence ~ When addressing a letter to a Brother Mason, do NOT put his title on the Envelope. It should be addressed as HON: (for Honorable) Al Dahlberg for example. Then in the Salutation of the Letter it should read: R: W: Al Dahlberg, address, and then Dear

BROTHER Dahlberg.

That, My Brethren, is 2 Bs and 2 Cs ~ and YOU will “C” me no more.

Thank You Worshipful Master.

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