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Due Bounds toward ALL Mankind…Especially a Brother Mason.

Just what, exactly, are we charged with? Don’t argue, fuss, and fight? Don’t rob, insult, carry falsehoods, gossip, slander, tales, or criticism of one another? Allow all to have their own opinions, and respectfully agree or disagree? Park our Egos outside? Of Course. Why? Harmony is the strength of ALL Societies – especially OURS!

Where do these lofty precepts originate? Our Book of Law. God’s inestimable gift to Man, as the rule and guide in all our affairs. We are charged with these things, because our Spiritual Base demands them of us.

How is it that we forget the greatest of all Commandments often? Treat others as you would be treated, and Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

This great society of friends and brothers… co-equals in path, word, and deed, professing a deep and abiding faith in a God of our understanding, have sworn a moral oath to do such. It IS – that Strong Cord of a Moral Obligation.

We believe in, and practice Charity. It is written into our Masonic law. Is Charity only about financial alms? When we heard “You will contribute to his relief, as liberally as his necessities may require”… Is that only to help feed, clothe, or shelter him?

What is an amenable, kind, and charitable attitude toward another, other than Charity?

Brethren, we are required, by our obligations, to circumscribe ourselves and our behaviors…not just in the Lodge – but in the world. Another passage from the Book of Law says, “We all fall short.” We must continually be on guard, and be reminded, by ourselves and each other – that we set the example in the world, as Masons. If we are to “Make Good men Better” we need to BE better. It is WE who present to the profane world a spirit of kindness, love and good order.

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