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Becoming a Mason

One of Masonry’s customs is to not solicit members; men must seek membership on their own through a Mason they know or a local Masonic Lodge. Nonetheless, becoming a Free & Accepted Mason in the State of Florida is still very straightforward. The first step is to contact the Lodge you are interested in joining! You can visit us or contact us by utilizing the form on this page!

Once you meet with a brother and express that you are desirous of becoming a member, you will be given a petition to fill out. This is a very simple form that provides information about yourself to the lodge as well as providing you with some information about Freemasonry.

After providing your petition to the Lodge, a background check is done and a vote taken on your entry into the Lodge. Once passed, a committee will be formed to further investigate your request to join Freemasonry! This may include meeting with you and your family to further clarify for both you and your loved one, exactly what you are joining into. Discussions will be had about what to expect on both sides and what the benefits of becoming a Freemason are to you personally and your family.

After the investigation has concluded you will receive a final vote by the Brothers at one of our stated meetings. Once being voted in, you will become a Freemason in the State of Florida and your journey will begin.

Masonry Takes Good Men & Make Them Better

Since the beginning of time man has sought self-improvement and has obtained this in many material ways. His progress starting with the primitive ages to where we are today is a clear indication of his struggle.


By in large his achievements have been mostly material and not always attending to inward self-improvement. In today’s competitive environment individuals are becoming energized with the prospect of self improvement. In most cases with the sole purpose of succeeding in business, believing that through attending courses and seminars they will gain the recognition of their peers and improve their standing in the community.


They turn to these motivational courses advertised in newspapers such as Dale Carnegie and others. Unfortunately the feel good factor soon wears off. The fact that should not be overlooked is that Freemasonry has been teaching self-improvement for centuries. In contrast with the short term effects of many of the motivational courses offer, Freemasonry by contrast is a lifelong process of reinforcement, repetition and encouragement that takes place every time we initiate, pass and raise a new member or attend a Masonic meeting.


With Freemasonry, You Get A Second Family

When you join Freemasonry, you now have a network of 6 million brothers worldwide. you will have dozens and dozens in your local lodge that you join, which will treat you as a brother from day one.

You can visit any lodge in the world and meet your “distant brothers”.

You’ll learn how to better treat your fellow man and how to go about life fair and square with the world.


The Charity Work

Once you’re part of a lodge, you have to pay your annual fees.

Most of these fees are used to cover the expenses of the lodge and to be spent on Charity. Freemasons donate millions to building children’s hospitals, help underprivileged communities, disaster reliefs, etc and much much more

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